Gazet International is now accepting nomination for the year 2024.

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Award Title

Choose a title in a domain that you are performing exceptionally well in

You may use the following prefixes:
  • Best
  • Best New
  • Fastest Growing
  • Most Sustainable
  • Most Innovative, etc

Follow up the prefix with a denotation of region.

Region can be
  • Country/ National
  • Continent
  • Multi Continent
  • Global


For a company:

<Prefix> <industry> <company> of the year <region> <year>
  • Forex broker: Best Forex Broker of the year Saudi Arabia 2023
  • Fintech Company: Fastest growing Fintech Company of the year South Africa 2023
  • Banks: Best SME Bank of the year Sri Lanka 2023
For Products:
<Prefix> <name of the product> of the year <region><year>
  • Credit Card: Most Innovative product(credit card) of the year Brazil 2023
  • Banking website: Best Digital banking platform of the year Thailand 2023
For leaders:
<Prefix><Industry><Leader> of the year <region><year><name of the leader>
  • CEO of a bank: Best Banking CEO of the year Europe 2023
  • CEO of airlines: Best Airlines CEO of the year Asia 2023

If you need assistance in choosing the award title, you can reach out to us on or any of our executives.

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Here’s how you can nominate your business or yourself for an award from Gazet International. You can nominate a company, product, or leader.