Gazet International strives hard and always give top most priority to protect and maintain diligently its’ Audience Privacy at any cost. “We” and “our” expert panellist always respects the Audiences’ private and confidential information, to be kept intact with us and not to reveal it unless required in case of judicial purpose.

We monitor each and every single information passed by ‘Audience’ whilst entering our website. Under “Our” strict and active guidelines, we do a collective Data Research, Mine and protect Data and send the notifications, promotional mailers etc through mails, post or telecalls.

(“GAZET ”, “WE” or “OUR”) provides a variety of services backed by Information collected from our Data Experts through following means provided at time of signing with us, participation forum, feedback and reviews etc:


Backed by our Expertise through various fields, “WE” data mine the required information round the clock to:

  • Expand, enhance to achieve maximum coverage and our global reach.
  • To know the experience, reviews and find measures to improvise.
  • To create a Data pool backed with facts, figures and analytics of where we stand and our close competitors and their performance.
  • Publish and bring best contents out for our target audiences.
  • Name and Address Details.
  • Age and Tertiary Information.
  • Languages and Area of Interests.
  • Area of Expertise.
  • Medium of Communication.
  • Mode of Renewal of Subscription.


  • Right from Essential to Security featured cookies to channelize, filtering and store key information, delete the unused, unethical data.


  • “We” always utilise the best in industry-standard encryption technologies that opts that data stays in encrypted mode through secure server whilst it is transferred or received.
  • This safety window through a secure web network protects data from being modified, misuse by unethical hackers, reduce chance of loss of data through bugs, virus, malware etc.
  • Users can also opt not to enter or partially view contents by adopting blocking “Cookies” on our website.
  • “We” also are ready for making any changes our audience need as we are just a click or call away.