Microsoft's Bing benefits from OpenAI technology in its search war with Google.

According to data from analytics company Similarweb, the OpenAI technology integration into Microsoft-owned Bing has increased traffic to the underutilized search engine and helped it better contend with market leader Google in terms of page visit growth.

Microsoft Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft.

March 22 (Reuters) - The integration of OpenAI's technology into Microsoft-owned Bing has driven people to the little-used search engine and helped it compete better with market leader Google in page visits growth, according to data from analytics firm Similarweb.

Page visits on Bing have risen 15.8% since Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) unveiled its artificial intelligence-powered version on Feb. 7, compared with a near 1% decline for the Alphabet Inc-owned search engine, data till March 20 showed.


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